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As part of the energy transition, Lithium batteries are one of the most relevant answers, currently available, to decarbonize air traffic Nevertheless, securing, certifying and producing these technologies for aeronautics and defense remains a real R&D and certification challenge.

In the face of this situation, Limatech is positioned as a designer and producer of secured and certified lithium battery packs for aeronautics and defense.

For this purpose, Limatech has integrated the following expertises :

  • – Mechatronic design (mechanics, electronics and software)
  • Qualification of accumulators and ETSO battery packs
  • Assembly, welding on accumulators and quality controls
  • Compliance with aerospace standards and approvals: EN 9100 & PART 21 (ApDOA & POA)

The disruptive technologies from Limatech, which emerged from the CEA in 2015, have received prestigious awards from MIT (EmTech 2017 / Top 10 most innovative start-ups) and Airbus (Aeronautical Innovation Prize).

In order to ensure industrial excellence and faster supplier qualifications, Limatech passed the EN9100 certification (aerospace quality management system) Part 21 design and production approvals from EASA are in the process of being obtained.

Limatech’s ambition is to become the world leader in the design and manufacture of lithium batteries for aeronautics and defense, replacing the current heavy and polluting lead and nickel-cadmium technologies with smart, safe and more eco-friendly technologies.

December 2016

Filing of the patent “Optimization and security of Lithium batteries”.

September 2017

Selection in the Top 10 of the most innovative start-ups of the EmTech of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

December 2017

Production of the demonstrator (TRL3) following the study conducted in collaboration with the CEA and co-financed by the EasyTech program of Minalogic.

April 2018

Presentation of the Prototype at the Friedrichshafen General Aviation Show, arouses great interest Validation (TRL5)

September 2018

Obtaining of Global Aerospace and Defense Certifications: EN 9100 (Europe) / AS 9100D (North America) – JIS Q 9100 (Asia) issued by DNVGL.

February 2019

Tests in a representative environment and validation of the prototype (TRL 7)

April 2019

Installation of the pilot production line and batteries pre-production for tests in an operational environment.

June 2019

Maintenance audit EN9100 by DNVGL with Pear process notation :

  • Supply Chain: 4/5
  • Production: 5/5
  • R&D: 4/5
  • Trade: 4/5

Airbus Development Day:

Airbus awards Limatech the “Aeronautical Innovation Prize”, awarded by Jean Brice Dumont (Executive Vice President of Airbus)

July 2019

EASA Registration for Design and Production certifications (PART21) and ETSO certification program.



By securing and certifying low-voltage lithium modules, Limatech makes the use of lithium possible for the aerospace and defense sectors.
Our technological architecture helps to lift the barriers of the march towards the hybridization and electrification of aeronautic transport. A necessary condition for air traffic decarbonizing.


Excellence must be an integral part of our DNA, at all levels of our organization, to serve the aerospace and defense sectors.
Limatech’s excellence, which is continually oriented towards customer satisfaction, lies in our ability to secure innovation in a simple and scalable way to meet the safety and performance requirements of our environment.


Limatech is implementing automated, digitalized and eco-friendlyproduction methods, at the crossroads between Industry 4.0 and the energy transition.

We are striving to source in short circuitand to reduce the carbon footprint of our production.


EN 9100 & ApDOA & POA

  • Meeting our customers’ needs on time and on quality
  • Designing and producing reliable and safe products that meet aerospace requirements
  • Ensuring continual training of our staff for greater responsiveness and efficiency
  • Building and strengthening long-term partnerships
  • Implementing effective and efficient processes, procedures and operational means
  • Ensuring the safety of goods and of our people in the company